With excitement and an overwhelming sense of pride, ESLSCA Business School celebrated the success and achievement of 295 students as they received their MBA degree. The graduation ceremony which took place on the 27th of September at the Intercontinental Citystars, was joined by Mr. Carlos Giménez, the General Director of Planeta Formación y Universidades, representing our Spanish partners from Grupo Planeta, and Mr. Jordi Sole Cuatrecasas General Director of Paris ESLSCA Business School. Among the panel of speakers present were: Dr. Mohamed Saleh El Hennawi, President of ESLSCA Egypt University, Dr. Ali El Meligui, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, ESLSCA Egypt University, Dr. Taha AbdAllah, the interim president of the French University in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed El Masry on behalf of Dr. Yasser El Dakrori, President of the Egyptian E-Learning University and Mr. Nzaire Sedrack, the Chairman of the National Resistance Movement in Uganda.
The evening commenced by playing the national anthem for France, followed by the national anthem for Egypt, after which came the professors’ march led by Dr. Nadia El Aref, the Dean of the Faculty of Management, ESLSCA Egypt University, followed by the students’ march led by Dr. Ali El Meligui. A variety of key figures from the corporate sector and partnering multinationals from a spectrum of industries were among the VIP guests who attended the ceremony.
During his speech, Dr. Hennawi gave thanks to the E-Learning University as the original home for ESLSCA prior to the Presidential Decree that was issued in the Fall of 2016, announcing ESLSCA as the first acknowledged branch for a foreign university in Egypt. He also stressed that in modern times like these, artificial intelligence is soon to take over numerous fields in life and thus it has become mandatory to develop education accordingly. At the same time, Dr. Ali El Meligui, announced that by the year 2023, ESLSCA will have trained 1500 government officials, 300 of which are ministers-to-be.
Before conferring their MBA degrees, the graduates took an oath after Dr. Ali El Meligui, promising to constantly follow the ethical route in their jobs and to always strive to develop their institutions as per the knowledge they’ve received. The Oath tradition was coined by Harvard Business School and many business schools followed in its footsteps including ESLSCA Business School.
With a formidable sense of achievement and determination, the graduates vowed to continue their path to self-development, owing their success to their professors who helped them navigate the way throughout their MBA journey.