This May will mark 20 years for ESLSCA in Egypt and we don’t intend to let that pass lightly!

ESLSCA invites you to mark your calendars on the 11th of May in celebration of the journey that started back in 1998, developing business communities, shifting-paradigms and changing lives, inspiring the change agents of the future; our students and alumni all over Egypt.


Hack the Curve II is about "How ROE affects ROI".
The event aims at enlightening business enthusiasts from all walks of life on how investing in education enables them to hack the regular career curve.

The event will feature a number of highly-qualified professionals and academicians who will share their experiences and views concerning the importance of self-investment as the most important investment a man can do in life and its positive or negative return on one's career path. Speakers will draw on their personal experiences on how their investment in education helped shape them into the inspirational figures they’ve become today.

Career Advising Fair III:
As part of our mission to promote aspiring calibers and create the proper interaction between the corporate world and the respective qualified candidates; ESLSCA proudly hosts its 3rd Career Advising Fair, featuring a number of the most prestigious Multinationals and Corporations representing a variety of industries in addition to aspiring business Start-Ups.