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    DBA Program Details

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    ESLSCA DBA program follows the internationally established pattern where managers extend their knowledge through advanced management studies and application of these studies to their workplace situation. This includes the exploration of contemporary literature, theory and reports of best practice. Participants are then able to integrate the acquired knowledge in applied forms through a specific research project. Graduates are expected to make a key contribution to practice, so program work will relate to decision-making, leadership, change management as well as research methodologies. The program therefore emphasizes three dimensions: professional, technical and international

     The Professional Dimension 

    DBA is the logical extension of the professional or executive MBA. It covers the main disciplines of business in more depth and increases participants’ ability to view the organization as a whole, helping them to be analytical, integrative and creative problem solvers, thus creating value for all stakeholders.

     The Technical Dimension

    The majority of professionals would not be able to enroll in a DBA program unless it was characterized by a certain level of flexibility such the ESLSCA program which offers on online access and uses e-learning technology to complement traditional approaches to teaching and learning. ESLSCA has a range of e-learning tools which provide access to lecture materials, communication with fellow students and tutors through online discussions, documents created collaboratively using web–based resources in text, video, audio and image format, online assessment tests and assignment submission.

     The International Dimension

    In a world where globalization is a driving force in business, ESLSCA provides an invaluable international perspective. It is our strong belief that the 21st century business environment is borderless. With the proliferation of telecommunications and the significant growth of multinational business alliances, the world is always at work. The leaders of this new business

     world must possess the understanding, skills and knowledge to do business anytime, anywhere. Accordingly, ESLSCA extends beyond Paris and Cairo through its study abroad programs and affiliations with academic institutions worldwide. More than 20 countries are present in ESLSCA’s partner institutions all over the world such as: America, Canada, Japan, Germany, Spain, Australia, China, Egypt, Russia, Italy, Sweden, etc. 

    ESLSCA’s academic excellence and innovative approach has brought it not only international recognition, but also facilitated the development of networks and collaborative ventures in the highest level. Aiming to identify and address the biggest challenges facing the world now and in the future, ESLSCA is working in cooperation with governments, educational institutions and industrial institutions around the globe. Hence, ESLSCA demonstrates its international orientation through its international research, exchange programs, curriculum, student body and faculty and its associates in various parts of the world.

    The ESLSCA DBA program is also characterized by the following:

    1. Creating leadership

    The program prepares students to be leaders in a modern world where organizations are less hierarchical and less formal. The aim is to prepare managers to succeed in situations where development and change critical to the organization happen at unexpected speed both domestically and internationally. This means encouraging leaders to accept responsibility to act autonomously and to promote this behavior in others.

    2. Small class size

    In order for students to gain the benefit from teamwork and interaction with the instructor, the class size does not exceed twenty-five. Each student’s cultural background, work and educational experience form the ideal setting for constructive dialogue in class and group discussions. The small size also facilitates team building.

    3. Deep Approach

    A learning method that combines top notch academic education with participants’ own knowledge and expertise. Their professional attainments are long, rich and varied. Hence, the knowledge gained from other participants is as important as the instruction gained from the faculty members.

    4. Modular Type

    The program is offered in the form of modules in order to achieve maximum concentration from the candidates and to reduce the burden of being overwhelmed by the program requirements.

    5. Executive schedule

    The program is designed on a part-time basis for professionals aiming at maintaining a balance between their work responsibilities and graduate studies. Hence, the schedule is flexible and takes one of the following two forms:

    (a) One day every weekend (8 hours).

    (b) Two days every other weekend (8 hours on the weekend).

    6. Study Tour (optional)

    Yearly, a weeklong study tour to Paris is arranged. This is an important part of the program and combines lectures, excursions, case studies and meetings with ESLSCA faculty members, local managers and government officials. This tour is arranged for students enrolled in the online and associate center programs.